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When you need someone else to explain what you do!

There is an abundance of very powerful videos across the internet about all things business and #coaching related.

In a way, for an Executive Coach like myself, all these videos that explain how you can improve your behaviours, change your style, enhance your skills, become and expert in XX etc should place #coaches and #mentors on the trash heap.. but the business of coaching is growing, year on year.

When I am at a networking event, and people that I meet, ask what I do (which is really asking what am I), I become conflicted.. do I tell them I am an Executive Coach (and wait for the eyes to roll) or do I give them a catchy remember me type response eg, "I help leaders find themselves"??

Whichever I choose, it still often fails to really explain how coaching benefits everyone.. with my particular expertise being in leadership.

Fortunately for me, there is an amazing TED Talk, that I think explains exactly what coaching is and how it benefits.. I encourage you to spare 16 minutes to listen.

So now, when asked, I don't explain what I am, I explain that people TRUST me to LISTEN more than I talk, and to ask non-judgmental questions to help unlock ideas and actions.

I don't think there is any better feeling that to have helped someone move forward in their career or their performance.

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