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Board Advisor and Non-Executive Director Appointments

A tenacious strategist with a focus on driving exceptional commercial performance.

  • Are you looking for a highly experienced commercial and turnaround strategist to help drive your organisation to the next level?

  • Have you considered employing a Board Advisor or Non-Executive Director to help you secure further funding or support your M&A activities?

Key Achievements

Sales and Marketing Expertise

Consistently extracted double digit growth from challenging retail markets in the UK by driving out of the box thinking and strong commercial acumen to create customers and colleagues at all levels and works hard to maintain his network of trusted retail experts. high performing sales teams.  Ian is capable of building strong relationships with

Strategic Leadership and System thinking

Led the turnaround of a consumer medical devices business through the development of a more robust and cost effective supply chain, opening up multiple new retail channels and building a team of empowered individuals in both the UK and Hong Kong. The turnaround led to its eventual sale.

Program Management and negotiation

Within a matrix management structure, delivered a reported £5m of capital cost efficiencies in a 2 year period at Network Rail. He challenged the accepted norms within this arm’s length public sector body to apply different methods of thinking to achieve faster (critical path thinking) and more efficient project deliveries by aligning the time, cost, quality triangle.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Boards and business owners

Through coaching and mentoring supported two Managing Directors of separate businesses with balancing pace of sales growth with the challenges of recruiting and integrating new people and finding solutions to process weaknesses. Able to expertly gain the trust of leaders and board members to expertly weave in coaching and mentoring to support overall board performance of the growth of the individuals.

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