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Releasing the hidden potential in people and organisations

"Our business transformed it's leadership and it's financial performance, what more can you ask for from a coach"


I balance my training as an Executive coach with my 30 years of business experience to help support my clients to deliver actionable and measurable solutions to those everyday leadership and organisational challenges.

"By transforming your mindset to help you to achieve personal and professional growth"

Every month, there are 1.5 million searches for Executive coaching.. you are not alone when seeking out that external support for your business. Don't be the one that waits another second to action.




Finding the solutions to my clients most challenging issues

I have been privileged to work with top-level decision makers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from a wide range of industries. Take a look below at just a few of my clients and their experience of working with me.

Schultz Medical board coaching


Professional Guidance

"Since supporting myself and the board, we have started to see a marked improvement in the way we operate. Ian brings a wealth of experience and strategic thinking from other industries that enables us to continuously improve".

Mr A. Bhayat - MD/Owner


High Performing Team Development

"Ian provides ongoing support to the team in the form of 1 to 1 coaching and engagement in a large number of continuous improvement work-streams. Ian provides a confidential service of coaching that has seen significant improvement in the individuals and is a constant source of support and challenge to our ways of working".

Luke M, Senior Delivery Manager

High Performing Team development
Board Level coaching


Board Level Coaching

“Ian throughout our sessions provided a confidential space for me to discuss the challenges I faced both on a day-to-day level but also long term strategic planning. Ian listened carefully to what I was saying and was able to ask challenging questions to help me unlock the actions I needed to take to move forward with my team. With his prior business experience and his coaching skills, Ian has a unique blend of being able to push for the answers from within me and my team but in addition add value through advice where appropriate.”

Gavin Burgess - MD


Executive and Leadership Coaching

"Working with Ian has he been hugely beneficial both personally and for the development of my business. Calm, intelligent, insightful he has an ability to get to the nub of the issue, that can only come from his extensive "real world" experience".

Paul Chapman, Managing Director

"I often went into our coaching sessions in a negative mindset, but his ability to listen and coach me into a more positive space was very much appreciated. He didn't skip a beat when it came to managing the goals".

David S, Senior Banking Executive

"It was very enlightening and has certainly helped me to reflect on my existing behaviors.  I will put your advice into practice in terms of building new, positive habits and cutting the bad ones. I always look forward to our sessions".

Martin S, Senior Project Lead

"Working with Ian has been a highly beneficial and transformative experience. His ability to challenge my thinking and keen observation of non-verbal cues have significantly influenced my personal development journey".

Rod M, MD Healthcare Distribution

"Ian was instrumental in helping us move past a significant period of doubt and confusion about the future direction of our business. His guidance was crucial when we considered the opportunity to acquire another business, bringing clarity and focus back to our core vision. What we valued most was his ability to effectively listen and address the unique dynamics of a husband and wife team".

Jodi & Craig - Owners of outdoor hospitality business

Executive Coaching and training

Reaching the Top of Snowdon

Other Clients include:

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